Synorex Sponsors ‘Feng Chia Cup’ Online Voting System for Over 7,000 Participants

As one of Malaysia’s most iconic competitions, the “Feng Chia Cup” National High School Calligraphy Competition has captured the attention of over 7,000 participants and spectators nationwide. This year, Synorex is proud to be a sponsor, injecting modernity and innovation into this grand event.

The “Feng Chia Cup” is a celebration of traditional Chinese calligraphy, traditionally done by hand. However, to adapt to the changing times, we have introduced an online voting system, and this is where Synorex shines. Through this system, we’ve provided a more convenient, efficient, and equitable scoring mechanism for over 7,000 participants.

This innovative online voting system not only helps judges calculate scores quickly and accurately but also identifies the presence of any robots or cheating activities. This ensures the fairness and transparency of the competition, providing every participant with an equal opportunity for fair competition. We are committed to maintaining the purity of the competition while offering more interactivity and convenience.

Synorex’s participation is more than just sponsorship; it’s a commitment to applying modern technology to the traditional arts. We believe that by introducing the online voting system, we not only enhance the convenience of the competition but also provide more interactive opportunities for participants and audiences. This collaboration allows us to bridge the traditional and the modern, preserving the purity of cultural heritage while enhancing its accessibility.

In conclusion, “Feng Chia Cup” 2023 carries the sponsorship of Synorex, injecting modernity into the event by providing an innovative online voting system for over 7,000 participants. This collaboration signifies not only a modern transformation of the competition but also a commitment to both tradition and technology.

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