Synorex Group of Companies

Founded in 2017, its founding principle is to provide customizable Cloud ERP Software. Our ERP system most used success in Education, Retail, Warehouse, and Manufacturing. By the end of 2023, the ERP software we provide will be used by more than 3,500 small and medium-sized enterprises.


Synorex Sdn Bhd

Principal business activitiesCustomizable Cloud ERP SoftwareSpecial Customize Web System and Mobile App developmentProvision of subscription, hosting, technical support and maintenance services
Our offerings– Synorex Suite (All-in-one ERP)
– Synorex Suite (Point of sale)
– Synorex Suite (Accounting)
– Synorex Suite (Invoicing)
– Synorex Suite (HR)
– Web development
– System development
– Mobile app development
– Maintenance
– Hosting
– Cloud
– Domain
Our customersBusinesses and companies, such as:
– Education
– Retail
– Warehouse
– Manufacturing
Businesses and companies need customize own mobile app, website or systemBusinesses, agency and companies need cloud platform for host their website and system
Our marketsMalaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonasia, Australia, Hong Kong, UK and Italy (Coming soon: Dubai and Vietnam)

Synorex Story

Why someone would start a new ERP project? If I had known what it takes,
I might not have done it! But I did not know that in 2017…

I had just joined a business as intern and the company was reeling under a bad ERP implementation. It was a local vendor who was building it out on the .NET platform, and after sinking a reasonable sum of money into it, he was not able to get it right. At that point, my faith in the entire ERP industry was pretty low. Either they were too expensive or they were very buggy.

Later, I heard the same story from many users. But in my stupidity and enthusiasm, I started writing my own ERP system. I’ve always been an amateur programmer and maybe I was overconfident in my abilities, but somehow we got started. Although my internship was over, I decided to continue building ERP to see if I could get more users, so in 2017, while still in college, I started my own company to bring the ERP product I was building to change. At that point, what I was building was just for holding and not enough to be a product, so I rewrote it (several times!). In 2020, we named the project Synorex and launched it as a Software as a Service (SAAS) business model. As you might expect, things got rough.

We believe we have today a very usable and robust ERP system for small businesses. Even large businesses can use it, but we are not particularly interested in that avenue because it would require services, and we are happy to let independent vendors do that. Our project has reached a reasonable community size and we can feel there is a good momentum with the number of users who are evaluating the product every day.

We need to focus on making things even easier for the end user and providing adequate documentation for the developer. Our framework, allows rapid application development and provides a platform to create apps or extensions to the product. With most of the basics in place, we think the ERP market is poised for a major disruption in the next five years.

Our biggest satisfaction will be when a whole bunch of small, local, innovative organizations across the world gets access to tools that will help them compete with large, global, and inefficient corporations—creating a level playing field that will leave our world a little bit more fair.

Founder of Synorex

Synorex Team

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Our Tech Stacks

Our main backend language. 200+ success projects

For web developer and customize project

For web design and eCommerce project

Our main JS framework. 10+ years experience

Our main database database. 200+ success projects

cPanel & WHM
Manager 5+ dedicated server with 10+ years experience

Manager 12+ VPS with 10+ years experience

Host 100+ domain with 10+ years experience

For native app project. 30+ success projects

Our main frontend default styling. 10+ years experience.

Google API
More than 5+ experience

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